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We are delighted to present two limited edition sets of all of the plate artworks that Gilbert & George have created for us so far with ‘Double Double Helpings’. Each edition is presented as two plates together , ‘BEARDLIGHT & BEARDTOAST’ from 2021 and ‘ROSY’ & ‘ON THE BENCH’ from 2020.

All 12” plates are fine china, screen-printed and hand finished. As ever, they were manufactured and hand-finished in the traditional pottery heartland of Stoke-on-Trent by Duchess China 1888 to the highest quality, but are numbered according to their specific double-edition number on the back from Roman numerals made from our much-loved Double Helpings’ logo. The editions, limited to just 50 of each set, are completed by a quote from ‘Underneath the Arches’ by Flanagan & Allen, a song much loved by the artists, and a signed photograph by Nick Dolding, along with a signed certificate of authenticity by Gilbert & George.